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What is Infrared-C?

Infrared-C is naturally emitted by the sun. Their purpose is to heat our planet and they are totally harmless:

At the source of all growth and development of life in nature.

A vital force, essential to everything living and growing on Earth.

What is the difference between convection
(heat pump, seat ventilation, heating, electric heating and floor heating) and the biogenetic infrared?

ESE heating panels do not heat the air but the mass in space, which, in turn give their heat to the surroundings without air circulation.

The air and dust particles are constantly moving in convection

How the ESE biogenetic infrared system works

The biogenetic long wave radiation is being reproduced by the ESE heating panels:

The floors, walls, ceiling and your furniture and objects are heatened without any risk at low temperature (20 to 23°C) by the biogenetic infrared rays.

They accumulate the heat and give it back to the space resulting in a rapid and uniform heating.

Can heat up as high as 6.5 meters.

Infrared rays: 10.000 nm (more efficiency in a healthy way)


Dual energy saving

Savings in installation
Through uniform heat distribution of the panel, up to 2 times less power is required in comparison to an electric heater. You save a hit on both price and output of each panel.

Savings during operation
Most systems operate with convection (heat pump, climatisation, floor heating, electrical convectors, see previous section on how the ESE system works). This results in a higher electrical consumption. ESE on the other hand, heats the mass, which in turn heats up its surrounding space. This results in great savings both in money and energy. You reduce the power consumption of the panels significantly.

Place & ease of installation

Compared to other systems, constraining and costly (installation, use, maintenance), ESE panels are suprisingly easy to install. Because of their design and minimum space they occupy, they can be applied in any room (walls or ceilings).

Temperature management
ESE has several solutions for controlling your panels. Our wireless thermostats or the Central Heating Management System allow you to fully automate your ESE installation, while optimising temperature management (including night and day cycles, inside and outside temperatures, progressive speed of heating…).

The total installation takes 1 day for an average house, to keep your installation expenses at minimum.

Well being & health

The safe and stimulating effects of Infrared-C is a know and proven therapeutic application. Brought to the use of heat emission for houses and businesses, they generate these feelings of wellbeing and great comfort.

The ESE solution helps you to avoid:

  • • Dry air and breathing (stable humidity of 40 to 55%),
    • Moving air (very favorable to allergies),
    • Carbonised dust,
    •Bad smells,
    • Saltpeter, fungi, mosses and other mushrooms caused by moist walls.

ESE infrared heating panels and the highest quality

The global standard for energy savings (international Kyoto Treaty as regards to the strict conditions on the marketing of a product). Also, we meet the “Grenelle Environnement” standard and our products are 100% recyclable.

All our panels have a 5 year warranty.

Made in The Netherlands.

The European Norm is the common norm reference in European countries which are member of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization). It prevails over a national norm, which is then discontinued and replaced. British Standards are responsible to comply with the European norm, either by the production of an identical text or by an agreement. They also are responsible to take off national norms if they are not-compliant.

4 Trends For individual customization

diversity of infrared heating panels

Standard one panel is available in two sizes (60 x 60, 120 x 60) and two different output level.
The surface can be delivered in frosted (no unwanted reflections) or shiny glass.
No interface visible on the device.

Please, ask us for other sizes, colors or designs. Customizesation options are available.



  • More than just a heater, this is your sophisticated yet discreet design object.

  • Likewise for the classical and more contemporary interiors.

  • Perfect for sophisticated or traditional indoors

  • Can optionally be build into wall or ceiling

  • Available in standard RAL 9010 (white)

  • Ask us for special size or black



  • Almost all colors are possible. Please contact us!

  • Wall mounted, like a framework or painting

  • ART

    Illusion infrared heating panels

  • Customized panels

  • Creates the same effect as a picture or wall decoration.

  • Aesthetically, unlike conventional heating.

  • Wall mounted, like a framework or painting

  • Be your own designer: you decide yourself what the panel looks like, they become exclusive, personalised furniture.

  • Business and shops:
    we can dress your ESE panels with the logo and colours of your company.


    outdoor infrared heating panels

  • Suitable for outdoor use, such as terraces of

  • • House
    • Apartments
    • Companies
    • Cafes
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants…



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